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10 of the most forbidden places in the world you dare not visit

by jvcc

We are likely to hear a lot of fascinating information about destinations we can visit. When we come to a place that intrigues us, we say to ourselves, ‘Oh, that’s amazing! I should include this on my list and go there someday! there a need? What about places we shouldn’t visit?

It’s not easy to believe that places like this exist in our world, but there are some. Nevertheless, many of these places tempt us like forbidden fruit that quickly becomes irresistible. They attract interested tourists like a magnet and inspire them to seek out new places . to explore. It is best not to visit these sites even if you have insurance. So let’s take a look at some of the fascinating spots on Earth that only allow researchers, scientists, military personnel, or daredevil.

10.Ise Grand Shrine, Japan

Built to commemorate Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun and the universe, Ise Jingu is a sacred building to the Shinto religion. Surprisingly, they built the temple without nails. More interestingly, according to the Shinto concept of death and rebirth, they rebuild the temple every 20 years (most recently done in 2013). Only priests and members of the royal family are allowed to visit the site to preserve the sanctuary. You can still gas up and see the temple from outside through the wooden fence.

9.Area 51 , USA

Area 51 exists from the list of restricted sites. The base is somewhat shrouded in mystery. While it served as a testing ground for experimental aircraft and weapons, conspiracy theorists claim it is where the US government examines and stores crashed alien spacecraft and their inhabitants. If this is true (and it probably is), then it’s understandable why this area is off limits to the general public.

8. Snake Island Brazil

Ilha da Queimada Grande, often known as Snake Island, is apparently home to snakes. By some estimates, each square meter of the island contains one snake. They scare you with their appearance, but they are not some harmless grass snakes that cannot harm you. Snakes on this island are among the most venomous in the world. As a result, it is understandable that the Brazilian authorities closed the island to visitors. Researchers can only enter if accompanied by a doctor, and of course they are insured.

7. Poveglia (Italy)

Between Venice and Lido lies the small island of Poveglia. It was once an epidemic quarantine station, housing more than 160,000 victims who spent their last days and hours there. By some estimates, human remains make up 50% of the island’s soil. As if this tragedy wasn’t bad enough, the island later became home to a psychiatric facility with a dubious reputation. Power sources may no longer exist, and the government has banned anyone from entering Poveria. As if someone wants to go to such a scary place.

6.Tomb  of Qin Shi Huang, China

When they discovered the terracotta army in 1974, they discovered the tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang. Modern technology will not be able to avoid destruction. As a result, the Chinese government continues to ban access to it in order to preserve their cultural heritage and honor the man buried there. Visitors can see the emperor’s clay army on a tour of the site, but the main tomb of the ancient warrior may remain unknown indefinitely.

5. Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway

The Norwegian Global Seed Vault, called the ‘Doomsday Vault’ by some, is certainly an important place for all of us. Contains 100 million seeds to re-establish the plant kingdom should something devastating happen to the Earth’s vegetation . last about 200 years, and its roof and exterior can survive both bombs and earthquakes .

4.Vatican Secret Archives ,  Italy

A huge number of documents related to the Catholic Church are in the Vatican’s secret archives. Most of it is underground, filled with security systems that are presumably only accessible to researchers with special access privileges. types of documents that can be viewed.

3.Australia, Hard Island Volcanoes

One of the world’s most isolated regions, Heard Island is considered Australian territory despite being located between Madagascar and Antarctica. We support a wide variety of wildlife including seals, penguins, marine birds and over 40 glaciers. They opened the island to the public for several Plus , it’s a minimum two-week voyage to the nearest continent, so you might spend too much gas.

2. Lascaux Cave ,  France

UNESCO World Heritage Sites are restricted to the general public. The Lascaux caves in France are closed due to a series of fungal infestations brought by visitors. This event demonstrated that human presence had some impact on the cave. As a result, tourists are no longer allowed into the museum, which houses 900 pieces of Paleolithic prehistoric art.

1. Coca-Cola Recipe Vault, USA

Coca Recipe Cola is considered one of the world’s best kept secrets and the company is hidden in a massive security vault. Travelers can see it from the outside, but only the highest officials are allowed inside. The formula looks like a genuine handwritten recipe that’s been in the hands of the company since at least the ’20s, although the vault itself is most likely a marketing hoax. You might want to ask the moving company that moved the safe into the world of Coca-Cola.