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10 Wacky Inventions That Could Only Have Come From Japan

by jvcc

There’s a stereotype that the Japanese really think of everything when it comes to convenience and efficiency, and these quirky products serve as a testament to that. Some of them are pretty wacky and others have quite a bit of practical use, but all of them are incredibly entertaining. Now check out these genius and hilarious Japanese inventions, and let us know which ones YOU would buy!


Napkin Shield

Chances are, you’ve been on a date before and looked very silly trying to impress your date while eating a greasy burger or burrito. Well now you can say goodbye to all of that embarrassing mess with the Liberation Napkin, created by the Japanese fast-food chain Freshness Burger.

The story behind it is actually pretty interesting: The chain couldn’t figure out why their burgers were only selling well with their male customers until they realized that in Japanese culture, it is considered rude for women to eat messy foods with their mouths uncovered. Thus came the liberation napkin, which allowed women to eat burgers to their heart’s content while being able to avoid social faux-pas!

Tissue Headband

Finally, a life-saver for us allergy-havers. There’s nothing more annoying than being caught outside in a pollen storm and not having an appropriate place to blow your nose.

Bonus: It’s perfect for when you’re in a public bathroom stall that’s run out of toilet paper!

Eyedrop Funnels

Applying eye drops is often an unpleasant experience, but this invention makes the process a bit easier! Not to mention, the little funnels make it essentially mess-free!

Full-Body Umbrella

Most of the time when it’s pouring rain, a regular old umbrella isn’t going to stop you from getting at least a little bit wet. But with this full-body umbrella, your entire outfit can remain rain-free!

And if you’re looking for something to keep just your shoes dry…

Butter Stick

There are so many things that could potentially go wrong when you’re trying to butter toast: If the butter is too cold then it’s hard to spread it evenly, and if it’s too warm then you’re left with a melted buttery mess. Well, this invention alleviates all of your potential butter-related disasters because you can have perfectly spread butter from a stick every time!

Protect Your Hair While You Eat

If you have long hair then you’ll understand the struggle of eating hot soup and trying to keep your hair out of the way. This clever invention lets you eat all the hot soup you want without having to worry about it ruining your hairstyle. You may look silly but in the end, your hair will be soup-free and it’s you who will have the last laugh!

Lipstick Stencil

Any makeup enthusiast will understand the struggles of applying lipstick. It seems like if you don’t line it just right then it looks strange and unnatural! Well, this silly-looking invention fixes that by acting as a stencil, so your lipstick will look perfect after every application.

Bonus: It’s reusable!

Chopstick Fan

This brilliant invention is for those times when you’re starving but your food is too hot to eat. But instead of eating it anyway and burning your mouth, use this fan to cool WHILE you eat. Boom, no need to wait.

Hand Headrest

We all have those days at the office where we would really rather be doing anything but working. Maybe it’s because you stayed out a little too late last night, or because your upstairs neighbors kept you up with their raucous partying. Whatever the reason may be, this little invention lets you inconspicuously take a nap at your desk. Now all you need is some shades so your boss doesn’t suspect a thing!

Bonus: It can also be used when you just need a place to rest your head while flying!

Square Watermelons

These watermelons, known in Japanese as shikaku suika, may look cool, but unfortunately, they’re practically inedible as they’re harvested before they’re actually ripe and essentially just mean for decoration. They’re also incredibly expensive, as they range in price from $50 to $100 per watermelon. But in the end, you have to admit that they do look pretty darn cool!