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Ugly Wedding Dresses You Won’t Believe People Wore

by jvcc

Wedding season is here, and whether or not you’re getting married, there’s always one thing to look forward to, and that’s the dresses. You may see ads pop up on social media, or a friend post a picture of her beautiful couture gown. Dresses are everywhere, and while they’re super fun to look at, sometimes they just don’t meet your expectations. The ugly wedding dresses that we’ve compiled are the worst of the worst.

You might find yourself thinking, “How did that ever leave the design page?” We promise you that whatever you’ve seen in a store isn’t worse than what you’re about to see here. These dresses will really make you wonder what on earth the bride was thinking. If your friends love to laugh at fashion fails, be sure to SHARE these ugly wedding dresses with them on social media.

I Now Tag You Man and Wife


This bride and groom decided to dress way down for their wedding, outfitting themselves and their wedding party in tee-shirts with their respective wedding role airbrushed on the front… except for the bride who presumably backed down the aisle.

The Everything Dress

There is just so much going on with this dress, it’s hard where to start. The model looks like she’s in a swimming cap with some bushy fabric coming out of her head. Her shoulders are bound in what’s definitely a lampshade, and the skirt looks like tissue paper.

Flaming Dress

Somehow I don’t think “The Girl on Fire” would approve. Flames can be cool, you know, on a matchbox car, but that’s probably where they should stay.

Cream Puffs

While wedding cakes are certainly awesome, you probably wouldn’t want to wear one. This is a 20 pound dress made from cream puffs. You can almost feel the diabetes through the computer screen. The only thing to wonder is what’s left over after everyone picks off the cream puffs.

Hello Kitty

Um, I actually love these.


Don’t get me wrong, this is a great dress, that is, if you’re going for an Ursula Halloween costume. For a wedding? Not so much.


The back of this dress really does look like a duck, doesn’t it? The front almost resembles a pin cushion.

For the Love of Sports

We all have fandoms. However, for your wedding it might be best to not wear it in big bold letters on your wedding gown.

The World’s Longest Train

This might just be the world’s longest wedding dress train. However, we may never know just how long it is. Would it even fit indoors for the ceremony, or in the car? Even rolled up, this train is probably as long as an actual train.

Pretty in Pink

This dress looks so impractical; the bride probably had trouble walking! She probably waddled up the aisle, in fact. She must have loved pink so much that the bridesmaids, groom, and even the guests had to wear pink. This dress would be a fashion crime in any color, however.

Brighter Than the Sun

Once again, who needs plain old black and white? And, if this garish Sunkist orange isn’t enough, the massive tiara and trucker hat (worn sideways) really bring both ensembles together. Warning: You may go colorblind from looking at this image too long.

Do You Want to Marry a Snowman?

Does this bride have arms? If so, they must be tucked inside this snowwoman dress. We’re guessing she just stands still for the ceremony and relies on others to move her. In fact, they probably had to roll her down the aisle. But at least she’s over the moon with joy.

Life-Size Cake

We’re actually not too upset about the wedding dress here. It’s more that they made a life-size replica cake of the bride that is just creeping us out. It’s like the wedding was taking place at Madame Tussauds.

Too Much Weight

Now, you might think this bride is looking down and admiring her shoes in her wedding dress, but in reality that faux fur veil is so heavy she can’t actually lift her head up any more. She might need a neck brace after this wedding reception.

Cupcake Wrappers

We think in conception, this might have looked nice. But once you see the finished product, it just looks like the designer made overly large cupcake wrappers, flatten them out, then layered them one on top of the other.