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90s Fads: Trends We Wish Would (or Wouldn’t) Come Back

by jvcc

There are many 90s fads we don’t miss, but for the most part, we’ve brought back the trends that simply didn’t get enough time.

Those of us who miss the 90s were probably just kids during that glorious time of neon, Friends, and the European Union. The internet and the fashion world are full of 90s nostalgia because many of us yearn for a childhood we never got to experience. It was the decade before the September 11th attacks, the Iraq War, Brexit, and widespread divisiveness in American politics. Who knows? If we started the 90s all over again, maybe we could get another shot at the 2000s and 2010s. Better break out the windbreakers!

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These little cardboard discs were big amongst 90s kids who loved to play games with them. They actually originated in Hawaii, from a drink called POG. (The letters stand for passion fruit, orange, and guava.) The caps were found inside the bottles of juice, but they became so popular that companies started to sell them without the juice. Pretty soon, they were no longer cool and the juice brand was forgotten. A cautionary tale about a runaway marketing success if there ever was one.

90s Haircuts

Nineties hair was not nearly as over the top as 80s hair, but it was still questionable. Every Backstreet Boy pictured above has his own unique 90s haircut, but perhaps worst of all is Nick Carter’s (far right). That bowl cut with long bangs and a middle part was practically everywhere 20 years ago.


Who didn’t have one of these little digital pets? And who didn’t kill one every now and then? The longest-living tamagotchi lived 145 tama years, or just under five months. There is now a tamagotchi app, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your little digital offspring at home. They can be with you, crying to be fed, at all times.

The Rachel

Around the second season of Friends, Jennifer Aniston, better known as “gal pal Rachel Green,” sported this iconic haircut, which soon came to be known as “The Rachel.” She became a style icon, and women everywhere wanted “The Rachel.” The look, unfortunately, didn’t last past the 90s, even though Friends still endures.

Erasers With Two Sides

These erasers were in every classroom for years, but did they ever work? Sure, the red side got rid of your graphite mistakes, but what about the blue side? It promised to erase ink stains, but we all know it didn’t work. It just made an ugly blue blotch on the paper. And the more you used it, the worse it got.

Troll Dolls

Much like Furbys, these dolls were unique toys that took the world by storm. But unlike Furbys, they’re fairly easy to manufacture because they’re really just pieces of plastic with multicolored fur on them. So it’s no surprise that they’re still mass-produced. They’re arguably much cuter than Furbys, too.


This is one 90s trend that’s made a comeback. Nineties girls had collections of scrunchies, in as many colors and patterns as possible, and today those scrunchie collections are growing again. And why not? What better or easier way to make a ponytail into a fashion statement?

JNCO Jeans

For SOME reason, people loved these. Maybe they were comfortable? They definitely were not flattering or easy to clean. (Can you imagine how dirty those hems got?) Luckily they’re gone now, replaced by skinny jeans, their polar opposite in literally every aspect except for material.

Beanie Babies

We all love Ty’s cute little creatures that were filled with plastic beans (not spider eggs, as the rumor alleged, thank goodness). They made so many different varieties, and as an added bonus to all of the enjoyment we got from them back in the day, some of the discontinued or mis-manufactured ones are now worth BUCKETS of money to collectors.