Home Story News A Boy (Age 8) Drags A Strange Creature Out Of An Irrigation Canal – No One Could Have Imagined What Would Happen Next…

A Boy (Age 8) Drags A Strange Creature Out Of An Irrigation Canal – No One Could Have Imagined What Would Happen Next…

by jvcc

A boy (age 8) drags a strange creature out of an irrigation canal – no one could have imagined what would happen next…

This unique scene happened in the summer of 2019 when a man witnessed a giant animal moving in a canal while filming his son.

The father continued filming and posted the footage on the Internet. It quickly racked up over 50 million views. Then the unimaginable happened…

He was vacationing on La Gomera, the second smallest of the Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa. The island is known for its pristine nature and wildlife.

A boy named George was picking small fish in the water. However, he never thought that he could set his sights on something bigger…

It is very dangerous to dabble in an unfamiliar sea. In the canals of La Gomera, there was even a small shark that could easily bite a person’s finger.

So George’s dad rushed in and helped him out of the water.

But it was too late…

I just couldn’t get George’s attention. He’s been watching sea creatures with interest for the past few days, but now it’s his chance to play with them.

That’s exactly what Ben (George’s father) was afraid of, because an eight-year-old’s brain can’t foresee danger like an adult’s. So he ran screaming to his son.

But George pretended not to hear and did not respond to his father’s anguished cries. His eyes are completely on the surface of the water, with small fish swimming around it.

That’s why I didn’t notice when a big scary creature was approaching from behind…

Ben is only ten meters away from his son. You might think this alone would make her son run away any time soon, but in this case there’s a channel between the two.

George slipped out of dinner to go play with the fish. He’s very smart because he told his father he was just going to the bathroom.

“All right,” Ben thought. But when he didn’t come back after 10 minutes, Ben got worried. He went to the bathroom, but they were all empty.

What was supposed to be a fun dinner suddenly turned into a race against time to save her son’s life.

Will this story have a happy ending?

It was a few meters before Ben reached the bridge that allowed him to cross the canal. Meanwhile, he kept an eye on the actions of his son and the dangerous beast. But now, the unavoidable had happened.

George was looking at the strange animal. And George came closer and closer than a rational person would have receded from the surface. His son had done it before.

Six months earlier, he had fallen from a tree. When his father told him to get off, George climbed up until he fell and broke his leg.

But getting caught by this beast must do more harm than falling from a tree. He cried out again to his son.


Luckily, when Ben finally got to his son, all his fingers were still there. at least…

The giant beast, with a wingspan of more than 3m, was still around him. And Georgie, who by this time had his father half-killed, was about to do the unthinkable…

With a defiant smile on his face, he was pointing at a giant sea monster.

“Dad, look look!”

When Georgie waved, it clearly got the animal’s attention. And at that moment, he plunged his arms into the water and into the beast’s mouth…

Ben was completely shocked and his eyes widened beyond imagination.

“What the hell are you doing!?”

“Play with your friends,” George said to his father. At this time, his son’s arms were all inside the fish’s large mouth. Ben could clearly count all his teeth. Begging his son to “take off his arm,” he reached for a large stick to hit the beast.

But the reason Ben appeared to be talking to the wall was because George wouldn’t listen to him.

“Don’t hurt daddy! Look, he’s so cute”

Ben peers into the water and sees something impressive…

The 3.5-meter-long giant manta ray didn’t want to bite my son. In fact, it looked like she was kissing her son’s arm.

George stroked its head and the sea creature floated away very gently. “He seems to like you,” Ben said to his son.

George tilted his head, then quietly began to cry. “What’s wrong son”

Wiping away his tears, he explained to his father that he had learned about the manta ray in biology class. The largest species in this group, the manta ray, can only live in salty waters.

So what do we do here?

“I have to help Daddy!”

Immediately Ben picked up his cell phone, called Animal Welfare Services, and took immediate action. Half an hour later, an emergency helicopter with a shipping container arrived, as well as a large group of caregivers waiting.

Suddenly it became a race against time. A minute and a second spent in the water of the canal could be the last for a manta.

Due to the lack of oxygen in the water, Georgie’s new friend could one day suffocate.

“Let’s hope it’s not too late,” said one of the keepers worriedly.

At full speed, George put the ray, named Frankie, back in the water. Ben and George nervously get into the car heading to where the manta rays are.

It’s about 15 minutes away by car, but I think it took a long time. But by the time we got to the salty waters of the ocean, the helicopter carrying the manta had already landed.

It floats on the surface of the water, but does not appear to move.

Without hesitation, George ran to where the sick man was. “Franky!” It was a very moving scene. As he wept, he approached the poor animal.

And then the unbelievable happened!!!!

As soon as I heard George’s voice, Aye’s Frankie moved. It was as if he was looking into his eyes.

George sat next to his big friend and gave him a hug. He embarks on a new adventure. But he holds the memories of his new friend in his heart.

It’s a beautiful show with a happy ending.