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A Man Helps A Wild Foal – Watch The Mother’s Reaction!

by jvcc

This man saved the life of a small foal that was lying helpless in a meadow. When the man is preoccupied with the procedure, the foal’s mother springs into action – watch her mother’s reaction…

The poor little foal wailed feebly for its mother when the man approached. It was clear to Robert, 32, the veterinarian, what was wrong with the horse.

I hurriedly reached for the bag containing the necessary equipment and began the procedure. I took care of the newborn foal as tenderly as I could.

Suddenly I heard loud hooves coming towards me. The little foal was not alone…

Returning to his home village for a week, Robert decided to explore the area’s perfectly beautiful meadows.

Robert almost forgot how calming it was. Deeply lost in thought, Robert was walking in his tall grass.

Then, a sudden sound interrupted my quiet meditation. It was barely audible, but it was unmistakable to Robert.

This is the sound of a newborn foal in pain…

Robert looked around quickly, looking for a foal in the grass. But all I could see was tall grass.

I thought the pony was lying on the ground in a pinch. That way, enemies are less likely to spot you.

Robert did his best to locate the foal by a faint whimper. After some time he finally found the poor foal…

The little foal lay on the ground with a faint cry. Something must be very wrong when you see where you can’t stand up. Robert knew all too well the fate of a wild horse that could not stand up.

Robert did a quick check to see if it was a common condition in newborn foals. And he found the problem.

The foal was suffering from colic. It’s a common condition in foals with harder-than-normal poop. Failure to poop can be serious.

Robert quickly pulled a device out of his bag and tried to help the foal. At that moment, I heard the sound of something coming towards us with tremendous force…

As Robert looked up to see what was coming his way, his eyes met those of the excited brown mare. The mare thought Robert was an enemy and ran up to him in anger.

But when their eyes met, something special happened. The mare stared at Robert, who stared back at him.

It was as if we had met before. Robert felt something familiar about his mare, and his horse seemed to feel the same about him. Then suddenly a memory popped into Robert’s mind!

Robert suddenly remembers his childhood in the countryside. When Robert was 12, his father gave him a foal.

The foals had to be hand-fed because their mothers had given up raising them. The work had to be done several times a day, but Robert took care of it with love.

Robert had always gotten along better with animals than people, so he was delighted with this little friend. Until one day something happens that breaks Robert’s young heart…

Robert and the horse, whom he named Lily, have been best friends for a long time. Lily followed Robert wherever he went and never left his side.

But as Robert grew up, I couldn’t follow him anywhere. Robert started hanging out with his friends and even had a girlfriend at one point.

I loved Lily, but I couldn’t take her out on a date. The young mare only wanted to be with her master and showed no interest in other horses.

But one day something happens that changes Lily’s mind…

One day when Robert came home from a date with his girlfriend, his father asked him to sit down. His father has important news for Robert.

“Robert,” the father began, looking sorry. “That mare ran away…with a wild horse.”

The father tried to retrieve the horse, but in vain. Lily is gone. Like Robert, Lily has found a new mate.

It’s actually a very nice story, but Robert was overwhelmed with grief. He will never see that gentle horse again… Or?

Robert went out looking for Lily every day for several weeks after she disappeared. Again and again she called her name, but she did not hear that joyful sigh she was looking for.

Until fifteen years passed and I found a newborn foal in the field. Robert stared into his mare’s eyes for a long time. And he, he was convinced. This horse is Lily.

Robert cautiously proceeded with the foal, confident that Lily would not do him any harm. And we did!

As Lily watches with interest as Robert takes care of the foal, the poop finally comes out. The foal seemed pretty refreshed and, to my surprise, stood up immediately!

The foal immediately ran to its mother and hid behind its front legs. Lily nodded happily at the sight of the foal. I was overjoyed when my child recovered.

Then Lily kept her mouth shut again. Returning his gaze to Robert, he peered into his eyes. Then he slowly approached Robert and pressed the tip of his nose against his forehead.

Robert stroked Lily’s soft nose and hugged her neck. And one last time, he kissed Lily on the forehead.

And Lily ran back into the meadow with her foal.