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A mother with a baby begs to live, but her secret is revealed…

by jvcc

A terrifying secret has shocked the community.

It turns out that the beggar, who lives daily on the goodwill of others, has a huge secret to hide. What is the deep dark secret that the woman had 

What started with good intentions led to the discovery of darkness 


A casual afternoon in San Diego, California. Michelle was loading groceries. The parking lot of the nearby supermarket is full of cars. Michelle didn’t like this and frantically started packing the trunk. But it wasn’t fast enough to avoid the most annoying thing in shopping: beggars.

When she turns around and tries to use a cliché, she sees something and is speechless 

little shock

To my surprise, the man was holding a baby. Both mother and child are staring at Michelle, who cannot escape, with their eyes wide open. Stunned, Michelle pulls out her wallet and hands over a $ 10 bill. She thanks Michelle for her gibberish moan and her eerie smile. This encounter made Michelle realize she was biased, and since then she always gives her change to beggars. I bet she’s having a hard time on her street with her baby 

Michel felt so much sympathy for the beggar that he was so shocked by what he saw the following week 

1 week later 

A week after learning that the beggar had a small child , Michel met the woman again. Michelle took out her wallet again, and the woman thanked her again with a small smile. And she decided to look back again from a distance.

However, what I saw at that time was a strange sight 


Michelle was half thinking as she watched the beggars in the parking lot. She wasn’t very busy today, so she has a clear eye on where she’s going. She begs from the other three , but she is unsuccessful, and when she decides that she can’t get anything else at the supermarket, she walks away in dismay.

But what happened next was unexpected for Michelle.


The homeless woman wasn’t just begging at the supermarket. According to other residents, she’s often seen in the neighborhood park and also in the shopping center, which has restaurants, supermarkets, salons, dentists, florists, and clothing stores.

It’s a perfect place for beggars who desperately need money, but what kind of life do they lead ?


Michelle feels so sorry for the beggar and her child that she begins to look into the heart of the homeless woman. She thought that this person was also a real person and had all sorts of emotions. I’m sure the money I gave you will be used for the right reasons 

Michelle’s mind crumbles when she sees what the beggar does after receiving the money.


A homeless woman had been regularly spotted in supermarkets for several months. In addition to Michelle, there were many other people I couldn’t turn down. She was sometimes given sandwiches and soft drinks as well as change, which she thanked, and her bag was filled with baby food provided by the locals.

However, there was another fact that was not known.


Since the woman is homeless, it is difficult to find a place to sleep. Michelle has never seen the woman at night, but her imagination is growing. She will probably spend the night on a park bench or on the porch of a store. The baby will sleep next to her in all the bad weather. How cute!

Do two people really sleep in such an environment? Or  after all, I’ve never seen what they do at night, so I can’t even think about it.


But there were constant rumors within the community that she wasn’t in as bad a position as she claims to be. Child Protective Services would never allow such a thing, and in fact she was very skilled and skillful. A baby is the best thing for her because she can always get money and food from some people and she can get a lot of sympathy.

Michelle is fed up with the cold stares of her neighbors and no one knows who the woman really is. I was wondering why everyone was so mean 

mystery car

Michel saw a beggar woman leaving the supermarket one day and hoped she could find a decent place to sleep. At that time, out of nowhere, a black car approached the homeless woman, and the car stopped right next to the homeless woman.

The car door slams open and a beggar woman looks at Michelle. There is a glimpse of fear in her face.

What the hell is going on?

The black car isn’t just any car, it’s a brand new Benz. What the hell is that car going to do with beggars? And why is she so shocked? Michel picked up her smartphone and followed the events unfolding in front of her.


There are many questions running through Michelle’s head. who is the driver? was the woman in trouble? Do you know each other? Something was wrong, something was wrong, and Michelle decided to help her.

Not knowing that his actions would make headlines in the newspapers the next day 


To Michelle’s shock, the beggar drove into a black Mercedes. The car leaves the parking lot before I see the driver. Involuntarily, Michelle threw groceries into the trunk, drove around the car, got behind the wheel and began the chase.

What she discovers will shake the entire region.

On the way

Michel was able to catch up with the Benz quickly and the roads were not too busy, giving him time to take a closer look at the car. It’s like a new car that just came out of the showroom 

So I decided to record the situation with the camera of my smartphone.