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Car excavated for the first time in 50 years, no one thought this would happen!

by jvcc

Car excavated for the first time in 50 years, no one thought this would happen!

Posted on: August 11, 2020

In 1957, in Oklahoma, USA, the city of Tulsa built a so-called time capsule just under the courthouse to commemorate the state’s 50th anniversary.


At the event, called Tarsa Lama, residents buried small waterproof steel containers in a very large cement vault built on the principle of an atomic bomb shelter for posterity.

History of Plymouth

He was buried in a new white and gold car, a Plymouth Belvedere Coupe Sport. According to Louis Roberts, chairman of the Tulsa City Jubilee Commission, this fully loaded Plymouth V8 Coupe was chosen as a symbol of Tulsa’s industrial ingenuity.

Anyone who can accurately predict the city of Tulsa’s population in 2007 will receive this car as a gift that year. 812 responses were copied onto microfilm and left in the car’s glove box.

Burial of the Plymouth

And the lovely Belvedere was encased with Oklahoma’s non-1957 memorabilia. Her time capsule, which has held her breath for 50 years, is made of concrete and can withstand a nuclear bomb.

It contains lipstick, coins, banknotes ($2.73), a pack of chewing gum, a pack of cigarettes and matches, a pack of beer, a bottle of painkillers, a parking ticket, unpaid minutes, a bottle of Oklahoma crude oil, and much more.was

50 years later

This is what happened in Oklahoma in 2007. The City of Tulsa has been gearing up for this big event. What would the iconic Miss Belvedere look like today? Is she still this beautiful? Excavations began, and the city became very lively.

When Miss Belvedere finally appeared and the tarp was removed from the car, people looked at it in disbelief .


As expected, the cement board had been cut, and rather than the gorgeous Plymouth at the time, it was a wrecked car that looked like it was floating. Mr. Belvedere seemed as if he had drowned.

The cans in the trunk were completely rusted and all empty. Inside the glovebox was a mound of mud and rust, typical of a 1950s racing car .

Big hit.

The owner of this car has been announced. Raymond Humbertson won the jackpot by announcing the city of Tulsa’s population of 348,743 instead of 382,457 in 2007.

Unfortunately, Raymond passed away in 1979 and his wife in 1988, and they had no children. So the “price” is back to its 100-year-old sister today. Found his two sisters and his nephew. In addition to the oxidized Belvedere , they got $100 in savings and interest on it, now at $666.85 .

difficult decision

Nevertheless, the winners were faced with a difficult decision.The heirs will make every effort to restore this car to its original beauty.So it was left to Ultra One, which went through a long and complicated process to remove as much corrosion as possible without Damage the car’s original paintwork.

More than $15,000 was spent on this work, which required the purchase of another Plymouth, repairs to the rear suspension springs, deoxygenation of the body, and other attempts to revive the classic car.

Cancellation of restoration

Rust removed. However, the vehicle could not be saved .

Indeed, Miss Belvedere was, unfortunately, no longer recoverable. Severe damage to the chassis. The interior of the car was completely lost, and the engine parts were welded.

final decision

Miss Belvedere did not look like the radiant beauty of her time. But Ultra One owner Dwight Foster made the final decision. “It’s mostly papier-mâché,” says Foster.

“I didn’t realize how bad it was until the car was in front of me,” said the owner of an Ultra One in New Jersey. Everyone was holding their breath. Will Miss Belvedere be saved?

last chance?

Unfortunately, help came too late for this old vintage beauty. Dwight Foster explains, “I couldn’t do all the things I wanted to do with this car because it’s fragile.”

Dwight Foster knew very well that if he tweaked even one thing, he would be in big trouble.But 1950s cars may have had new hope.

Donation to museum

Miss Belvedere sat dormant in Ultra One’s warehouse for over ten years, during which time a permanent location for the museum was sought. Good news has finally arrived from Robert Carney, nephew of new owner Katherine Humbertson.

Miss Belvedere was donated to the Historic Auto Attractions Museum in Roscoe, Illinois. There, the car will be one of the highlights of the permanent exhibition. The car was no longer just a car, but a true relic of its time.

It’s not over.

From now on, this car should be considered a work of art. It’s no longer just a competition jackpot. In 2017, the car was finally sent on its final trip to Illinois. A lot of work has been done on this car in about 10 years on the premises of Ultra One.

If this car doesn’t stand the test of time, modern automakers have the honor of making cars that are as durable as possible.

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