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Celebrity Boxing Matches We Really Want To See

by jvcc

There are some celebrities that come across as huge powerhouses, people we’d love to actually see in a fight. Then there are people that we just want to see get beaten up. Rivalries of all kinds can be solved in the ring. Here are some celebrity boxing matches that everyone wants to see.

Vin Diesel Vs. Dwayne Johnson

Let’s just get this one out of the way. Both are mostly bald men and co-stars in the Fast and Furious Franchise. They’ve fought onscreen before, but everyone wants to see the action stores legitimately go head to head. Also, they don’t seem to like each other that much. Diesel attempted to give Johnson some acting tips he did not appreciate. Their hatred is apparently so deep that they needed to be kept separate while promoting The Fate of the Furious during its press junket.

Patrick Beverley Vs. Russell Westbrook

Our first set of basketball players on this list are Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook. When making a list of the best players in the NBA, these guys would always be near the top. However, their rivalry doesn’t just stem from competition, but pain. As it turns out, Beverley is responsible for tearing Westbrook’s meniscus ligament when the latter tried to call a time out.  It would make sense that Westbrook would want to return the favor.

Magic Johnson Vs. Rob Pelinka

Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka were brought on by the Lakers to help their franchise in the front office. And then Johnson quit. As it turns out, Rob Pelinka had been insulting Magic Johnson behind his back. He became so fed up with it that he ended up quitting on camera during a bizarre, media scrum. Who wouldn’t want to give Magic Johnson the chance to punch Pelinka right in the face.

Jimmy Fallon Vs. Jimmy Kimmel

A battle between these two would certainly be entertaining. Not because they necessarily have any boxing experience, but… just look at them. A battle to determine not just the best late night talk show host, but the best Jimmy as well! How many people would pay to watch them duke it out in the ring.

Nick Carter Vs. Aaron Carter

It’s not often you get to see two siblings duke it out in a boxing ring. So why not these two? Aaron and Nick Carter haven’t gotten along at all in recent years. There’s a lot of allegations that don’t paint too bright a picture for their relationship. The younger Aaron may actually have an advantage, despite being shorter. He actually has some boxing experience when he did a celebrity match against former NBA player Lamar Odom. He got knocked out in the second round, but some experience is still better than none.

Michael Rapaport vs. Dave Portnoy

Michael Rapaport used and Dave Portnoy actually used to work together. Portnoy’s company, Barstool Sports, used to host Rapaport’s podcost. However, due to Rapaport’s feuding with various other members of the Barstool team, he was eventually fired by Portnoy. He did so by making and posting a video from his bed. It’s likely the two still have a grudge against one another, especially considering the failed defamation lawsuit Rapaport filed against Barstool for T-shorts produced with him wearing a clown nose.

Lamar Odom vs. Tristan Thompson

It’s a tale as old as time to have two men fight over a woman. Former NBA player, Lamar Odom, had broken up with Khloe Kardashian, sending ripples through popular media. Since then, Khloe’s been dating Tristan Thompson. Apparently, Odom’s tried reaching out to her and Thompson hasn’t taken too kindly to that. Whether it’s just fear her ex could sweep Khloe off her feet or actual anger towards Odom, himself, it’s likely Thompson wouldn’t mind going a few rounds in the ring with the former star. Odom has some experience in the ring to help match up against Thompson’s younger age, so it’ll definitely be a fun fight to see.

Chris Paul vs. Rajon Rondo

These are just two men that do not like each other. Considering their similar personalities and identical positions on the basketball court, it’s not that much of a surprise. Their alleged rivalry has been going on since 2008. While it may never be settled in a game of basketball, why not allow them to work out their differences in a more violent manner? It’d certainly be entertaining to watch.

Aaron Rodgers Vs. Brian Gutekunst

Aaron Rodgers has been at odds with the Packers’ general management for some time. They’ve failed to give him a more adequate passing team and it makes it seem as though he doesn’t even want to be in Green Bay anymore. What better way to settle any differences you might have than to punch the guy in charge.

Rick Ross Vs. DJ Khaled

Now, these two don’t have any actual beef between each other, and they’re not particularly hated by others either. However, that wouldn’t make a fight between them any less entertaining. Just picture these two rap icons headlining with a heavyweight match. The clash between the two would be amazing.

Skip Bayless Vs. Stephen A. Smith

These are two of the most controversial media personalities around today. It wouldn’t be great to watch them fight because they hate each other, but because enough people hate them that it’d be really cathartic to watch. The fight itself may not be great, with Bayless being a notable amount older than Smith, but who knows. Maybe they’ll surprise us.

Rachel Nichols Vs. Maria Taylor

The first entry requesting a boxing match between women, these two certainly have enough animosity to make it interesting. This one’s a little bit more recent of a feud, but it all started with Nichols losing her hosting gig for the NBA in favor of Maria Taylor. Leaked audio revealed how displeased she was by the change, saying that Taylor only got the job because ESPN was trying to fix its issue with diversity. Nichols may be more angry at ESPN than Taylor, but Taylor would certainly want to knock out the veteran reporter’s teeth for making such a snide comment.

Cardi B Vs. Nicki Minaj

It seems as though these two always have a reason to be mad at each other. They do have a few similarities, both being New York natives that have become prolific rappers in their own right. They’ve taken thinly-veiled shots at each other on social media for a while, but things came to ahead at Fashion Week. They allegedly got into a physical altercation. Maybe we’d want to give them the chance to settle their differences by finishing that fight.

Alex Rodriguez Vs. Ben Affleck

The common denominator between this baseball player and Hollywood actor is that they both dated Jennifer Lopez. Ben Affleck dated her for years before they eventually broke up and she ended up with Alex Rodriguez. People thought they’d stay together, but they’ve since broken up, and she’s now back with Affleck. There’s just got to be some beef between them, and it’d be awesome to watch them sort it out.

Mariah Carey Vs. Demi Lovato

Mariah Carey has her fair share of “enemies” in media, but it’s Demi Lovato that we want to see her fight the most. As Jennifer Lopez was a part of the feud on our previous entry, she is here too. During a feud between Lopez and Carey, Demi Lovato stepped in and proclaimed herself to be “Team J-LO”. And she’s been making jabs at Carey ever since. It’d be fun to watch the older pop star put the kid in her place. Or watch Lovato justify her actions with a punch to the noise.