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Do These Photos Prove That People Really Can Travel Through Time?

by jvcc

If you’re a fan of Back to the Future, then you’re also a fan of time travel. Nothing fascinates the internet more than conspiracy theories, and when you toss in purported time travelers in unexplainable images and videos, internet users are bound to have a field day.

The question has always remained the same: “Does time travel exist?” Many people will say no, but there are dozens of videos and pictures that say otherwise — 0r at least they appear to do so! Get out your flux capacitor. These photos and videos will definitely shake you up and make you wonder if time travelers really do exist!

Is That … What?

The photo on the left was taken in the Bronx in 1933. The man in the photo looks insanely similar to Jay-Z. He is leaning on a railing and giving a signature stone look into the camera.

Could it be just another coincidence? Could it be a relative that looks similar to Jay-Z, since he grew up in Brooklyn? Or could this actually be Jay-Z?

Granddad McConaughey

If you think you and your relatives look alike, think again!

Matthew McConaughey’s doppelgänger takes the cake. A Reddit user posted the picture of her great-great-grandfather after realizing that he looks exactly like the Oscar winner. Imagine the two standing side by side in the same outfit. Would you be able to tell them apart?

Face Off

Nicolas Cage is 54 years old, or so we’re told. Is Cage actually 156 years old, considering that he might be from the Civil War era?

The picture of the unnamed man on the right was taken in Bristol, Tennessee around 1870, and his features are very similar to Cage.

The Man With the Shades

This photo was reportedly taken in British Columbia during the 1940s. The photo shows mostly old people dressed similarly. In the right side of the frame, though, there is a man wearing sunglasses and a T-shirt, looking very much like a hipster. He looks like he’s from the 90s, or even today. The possible time traveler is also holding a camera in his hands. It all seems rather modern, no? Too modern for the 1940s.

Is he a time traveler, or just a guy with a killer fashion sense?

Never Die Hard

If you’re wondering if Bruce Willis has a twin brother, you’re wrong. These pictures are years apart — or are they?

The man on the right is General Douglas MacArthur. The general even has the same squint look that Willis gives in his action films. If that is Willis on the left, it doesn’t seem as if he’ll die hard any time soon.

Midlife Crisis? More Like a Century Crisis!

Coincidence? I think not. The Pirates of the Caribbean star looks an awful lot like this man from an old photograph.

Johnny Depp being a time traveler would explain so much. Depp has been on a steady downward spiral lately — possibly one that’s lasted a century!

We guess some things don’t get better with age…

Mummies Don’t Wear Swiss Watches…

Archaeologists were puzzled and astonished to discover a Swiss watch inside a 400-year-old sealed tomb in China.

How was it possible that a tomb, sealed for 400 years and dating back to the Ming dynasty (1368–1644), contained a Swiss watch?

Some theorize that time travelers could have come from the future and accidentally dropped a modern ring in an ancient location. We’re pretty sure that’s not the case, but like the lottery, you never know for sure.

Time Traveling? Teleportation? Angel? The Flash?

If you want a video that could possibly make you believe in time traveling, teleportation, angels, or even the Flash, you’ve found it. In what appears to be street footage from Japan, we see a motorcyclist in the last seconds of his life — at least we almost did.

As shown in the clip, a truck is about to crash into the motorcyclist, likely killing him. In the last second, a flash appears from the bottom right. The truck driver stops, gets out, and is filled with confusion and shock, believing he had hit someone. The motorcyclist, just as confused as the truck driver, walks slowly to the curb to sit down. The supposed traveler simply walks away, with their hands in their pockets and face covered.

As intense as this was, a video game company later confirmed that this was a promotional stunt for a game called Dragon Totem Girl. The game is based on a character who uses her superpower abilities to help people in their everyday lives.

John Travolta May Be Older Than You Think…

The photograph on the right was sold on eBay, and it claimed to be solid proof that actor John Travolta has been jumping between decades.

This doesn’t seem too far-fetched. The man in the photograph is unidentified, making it quite possible that it’s John Travolta from an earlier time.

‘OK Marilyn, Act Natural’

Those “natural” and “impromptu” shots that our friends take and post on Instagram have seemingly been around much longer that we thought.

In this photo, Marilyn Monroe looks away as another woman (who literally looks like she’s holding an iPhone!) snaps a pic of her. Is this a time-traveling millennial sharing her future picture-taking wisdom with Marilyn?

Alec Baldwin or Millard Fillmore?

From president to comedian, definitely an upgrade.

Alec Baldwin is the spitting image of our nation’s 13th president, Millard Fillmore.

One has to ask: Is this why Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump impressions are so spot-on? Was he governing our country in the 1850s?

‘GOT’ May Be Realer Than You Think

Game of Thrones favorite Peter Dinklage has some explaining to do. The renowned actor, who’s had roles in such films as Chronicles of Narnia and Elf, has a striking resemblance to the man featured in Diego Velzaquez’s Dwarf Sitting on the Floor.

The painting from 1645 brings a key question to light: Is Game of Thrones based on Dinklage’s past life?

Keanu Reeves and Paul Mounet

Paul Mounet was a French actor born in 1847. His claim to fame was the lead in a 1909 silent black-and-white French version of Macbeth. Keanu Reeves is an American actor who tried his hand at Shakespeare in Much Ado About Nothing, but also has a hit list of venerable Hollywood blockbusters. It’s eerie how much they look alike, almost to the point that maybe Keanu Reeves is so good because he’s been working on films for more than 100 years. The man is seeming to age backwards…

Christina Aguilera and Ginger Rogers

Ginger Rogers, born Virginia Katherine McMath in 1911, was a singer in the golden age of Hollywood, as well as Fred Astaire’s dancing partner. Christina Aguilera, “born” in 1980, was hugely popular in what some have called the golden age of pop music. Not only does she look like Rogers, but she also shares her singing and dancing talents. Could a biopic about Rogers be in Aguilera’s future? It’s totally possible, especially if Aguilera is just an immortal Ginger Rogers in disguise.

Jimmy Fallon and Turkish Revolutionist Mahir Çayan

Mahir Çayan was born in 1946, almost 30 years before Fallon, yet they are almost identical, including the mustache (when Fallon sports the ‘stache). Çayan was the leader of the People’s Liberation Party-Front in Turkey and a communist revolutionary in the Marxist-Leninist vein. In 1972, just two years shy of when Fallon was born, he was killed by soldiers. Reincarnation!? Or did Çayan fake his death and moved to America to hide out as a comedian on late night TV? We’re not ruling it out.