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I Dug A Hole In My Backyard And Made A Big Discovery!

by jvcc

I Never Dreamed I Would Find Something Like This In My Backyard!

It’s Not Uncommon To Hear Stories Of Home Buyers Finding Hidden Treasures In Unexpected Places.This Happened To John Sims From Tucson, Arizona.He Made A Special Discovery When He Examined The Blueprints Of The House He Just Purchased In 2015.

I Never Would Have Guessed That I Would Make Such A Wonderful Discovery.

Cipher Message

John Sims Bought A New Home In Tucson, Arizona, And Since The Previous Owner Was A Friend, He Decided Not To Worry . Rumored That A Mystery Was Hidden Around This House. Little Did John Know That A Mysterious Message He Received From A Friend Of His Was The Beginning Of A Series Of Events That Would Be Recounted Throughout Arizona.


The Blueprint Clearly Showed A Circular Space In The Backyard. With Some Skepticism , John Began Digging A Hole In The Backyard. It Immediately Hits Something That Looks Like Metal, And Digging It Out Completely Reveals It To Be A Metal Door. , It Turned Out That This Was A Bomb Shelter. The Door Opens To Reveal An Old Rusty Winding Staircase, Which John Cautiously Descends To Enter The Room. He Ended Up In A Large Dome-Like Space, The Inside Of Which Was In Better Condition Than Expected. John Also Found A Collection Of Supplies Such As Emergency Water And Food In An Area That Hadn’t Been Opened Since The ‘ 60s .

Cleaning And Renovation

John Decided That The Cellar Should Be Properly Cleaned And Put In Order. He And His Friend Cleaned Up All The Fallen Tiles In The Basement, And Found That It Was Much Larger Than He Had Thought. He Then Removed The Old Rusty Stairs, Replaced Them With Sturdy New Ones, And Repaired And Reinforced The Concrete Structure. Furthermore, It Is Surprising That Electricity Was Passed Through This Basement.

Cold War

John Later Learns That What He Found In The Backyard Was A Bomb Shelter Built At The Height Of Cold War Tensions Between The United States And The Soviet Union. Whittaker Pooles, Who Built The Shelter At The Time, Wanted To Create Something Other Than A Backyard Pool, So He Set Up The Nuclear Shelter. After Making This Discovery, John Learns That There Are Many Similar Bunkers In The Tucson Area .