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See all the evolution of beauty standards from 100 years ago

by jvcc

Beauty can be timeless, but trends and beauty standards cannot.

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So it’s no surprise that as our society changes, so does our perception of beauty. You can see that by looking at old paintings. Slim and toned physiques are trending these days, but They weren’t at all like that in the old days. In medieval times, gaining weight was a popular symbol because it meant you could spend more money on food.

You don’t have to go back 700 years to see how beauty standards have evolved. Today we ‘ll take a look at what the “perfect woman” looked like in each era from the1900s to the 2010s . start with the 1900s .

1900s : S -bend

The first is the 1900s . This era is characterized by elegant dresses for women and stylish suits for men. Women wore blouses with lace and ribbons and large wide- brimmedhats. Part your hair in the center and add volume with extensions . -shaped corset that is worn under the dress that is typical of this era . Push your chest forward and arch your back to accentuate your curves. At the same time, the size of the waist is also characterized by being extremely thin.

1910s : Even tighter corsets

If you think an S -shaped corset already looks uncomfortable, imagine wearing a corset like the one pictured above. In the 1910s , the waist was even thinner, and body shapes called bee waist and hourglass shape were preferred. very strong corset was required and was made of whalebone. Corsets were so tight that they even hurt the internal organs of women wearing them. Additionally, it is very difficult to breathe. Imagine the relief you feel when you take it off at the end of the day.

1920s : More skin exposed, shorter hair, more casual dress

The 1920s was a time when beauty ideals changed. Women took off their tight corsets and opted for a more casual style. You could say that I became more boyish. During this time, women cut their hair short and exposed their skin, completely reversing the standards that had been followed for centuries. The 20s were all about excessive partying and freedom of self-expression. While hats were still common, tight-fitting crochet hats have replaced the large, wide-brimmed hats worn by women for decades.

1930s : Cheaper Materials, More Emphasized Bodies

The 1930s were a difficult economic time. It was the decade of the Great Depression, and it also permeated beauty ideals. Women began to wear cheap clothes as they could not afford expensive materials. to emphasize the figure. A slim waist and narrow hips were ideal.

1940s : shoulder pads and knee-length dresses

In the 1940s , women began to wear short dresses in favor of long flowing dresses . Of course, World War II had a huge impact on fashion during this period, and women remade suits into women’s clothing while their husbands were out on the battlefield. Clothing from this period was characterized by functionality rather than fashion.

1960s : Slim Body and Casual Dress

In the 60 ‘s , more casual clothes were worn.The booming economy allowed women to shop instead of making their own clothes.Clothing was a direct indicator of a person’s social status and wealth.The ultimate beauty ideal of the 60s came from model Twiggy , whose figure was the aspiration of women (her and her husband) all over the world.

1970s : The Hippie Era

All fashion rules carefully crafted over decades, sometimes hundreds of years, are broken by hippies. In defiance of the establishment, women abandoned makeup and body-hugging clothing in favor of tie-dye peasant shirts, flared jeans, and long boxy skirts. your hair and wear sandals. As a result, the body under bright colors and patterns became more natural. A healthy figure was emphasized rather than a thin type.


1990s : ultra-slim

In the 90s , skinny figures came back into vogue. The models who appeared on the runway appeared to be malnourished and drug addicts, hence the term “heroin chic.” Women wear casual dresses and more relaxed silhouettes, with flares and low-rise jeans trending. Plaid was trendy for everyday men and women.

2010s : Years change

In 2010 , beauty ideals and fashion are evolving so rapidly that we could write a page every year . Here are some of them. Fake tanning is trending in 2010 , but is dead in2011 . In 2013 , thick eyebrows became popular, and in 2014 , it became popular for women to contour their faces. Korean beauty trends are assimilated with Western beauty ideals. Nowadays, even when a trend goes out of fashion, new things pop up quickly It all depends on which influencer gets fame, really