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The World’s Most Dangerous Special Forces

by jvcc

Special forces units are made up of the most highly trained and dangerous soldiers, most equipped to serve and protect their country.

Special forces emerged back in the 20th century during WWII. Some of the missions they take on are hostage rescue, mobility operations, and counterterrorism missions. The idea of special forces stems from Japanese ninjas who were first recruited and trained to become assassins for espionage. Special forces soldiers are like the modern-day equivalent to ninjas, with the most tactical minds in the world.

Here’s our list of the most dangerous special forces units in the world…

British SAS

The British SAS was first established during WWII. Since then, these special forces have a reputation of being one of the fiercest special forces in the world! They undergo such harsh training that only the alpha males come out victorious. It is rumored that the military men training to be in the British SAS have rigorous training in the jungle, and only the top 15% come out successful.

Israeli Shayetet 13

The Israeli Shayetet 13 is Israel’s elite commando force. This team is also considered one of the most mysterious special forces globally as there is very little known information about this team. Aside from that, they are a force to be reckoned with. They have mastered the art of Krav Maga, and their special training involves waking up every day at 4 AM, no matter the weather.

Pakistan Special Service Group

The Pakistan Special Service Group training is quite similar to that of the United States Special Forces. As such, you would expect that they undergo intense training for years. Their primary objective as Special Forces is to fight back against Al Qaeda and Islamic State forces. It seems as if they are on the right track as they were able to kill the al-Qaeda Adnan Gulshair el Shukrijumahalong in Pakistan’s South Waziristan.

Austrian Jagdkommando

True to their name, the Austrian Jagdkommando means the Austrian Hunting Force. They are considered as one of the world’s best special forces as only 20% of men who enter make it into this elite group. Their training involves going through the severe training course in the Austrian Alps, nonetheless.

Taiwan Republic of China Armed Forces

The Taiwan Republic of China Armed Forces combines the mighty strength of the Army, Police, Navy, and Air Forces all rolled into one powerful elite special force. Their most notable achievement (and the main reason the group was combined) was to reclaim Taiwan’s land from the People’s Liberation Army of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). While they have achieved this feat, the group still exists to defend Taiwan and other nearby islands.

Peruvian Armed Forces

The Peruvian Armed Forces were established in the early 1820s. Their signature camouflage faces are the trademark of this special force. So mighty and powerful is this group that they report directly to the Peruvian president. Their primary responsibility is to protect the country from any external threat. They also are part of the country’s social and economic development.

Canadian JTF2

Like many special forces, there is not much information known about the Canadian JTF2 aside from the fact that they are one of the fiercest special forces in the world who can do anything from counterterrorism to nuclear warfare. They are very capable, competent, and secretive when doing their missions. It is rumored that one of their missions was even hidden from the Canadian Prime Minister himself!

US Delta Force

The US Delta Forces are one of the mightiest special forces in the world. They specialize in hostage and rescue missions. They are also regularly assigned global influencing tasks – literally making them the superheroes of the world. Or at least in the United States. They undergo special training, which only yields 1 out of 10 applicants to be in this elite force.

Danish Hunter Corps

One look at the Danish Hunter Corps, and you know they are a dangerous lot to deal with. As with many special forces, little information is known about the mysterious and dangerous-looking Danish Hunter Corps. They are the extension of the Royal Danish Army. The group consists of only 150 Alpha males who have undergone a rigorous screening process that tests their physical and mental abilities.

Serbian Gendarmerie

One thing that sets the Serbian Gendarmerie is that they are not only competent in handling dangerous military affairs, but they are also adept at non-combat activities such as first responders. They are primarily made up of two major units: the Special Police Unit and the Special Operations Unit.

Iraqi Special Operations Forces

The Iraqi Special Operations Forces are also known as the Golden Division. Their primary responsibility is to patrol the dangerous streets of Mosul, which was previously known to be under the ISIS operation. They were the first special force to break through the Mosul streets, and as a result, the Iraqi Prime Minister declared Mosul as liberated from ISIS territory.

US Army Special Forces Snipers

The US Army Special Forces Snipers are deadlier and more dangerous than any other US special forces. Aside from their already vicious training to be in the elite group, they are known to undergo more difficult courses much like Chris Kyle in American Sniper. Aside from their military training, they also must undergo culture and language courses – which makes them very flexible and able to work in any part of the world.

French Commandos Marine

The French Commandos Marine is one of the oldest special forces globally, established in WWII mainly by the British Army. This special force is one of the most highly skilled and renowned special forces in the world. Their training is comparable to that of the British Commandos. They are also known as the Green Berets and only have 600 people in this special elite force.

Russian Spetsnaz

The Russian Spetsnaz means Special Russian Force. Like anything Russia does, they are also superior in terms of special forces. They undergo rigorous secret undercover training that is only given to Russia’s mighty army men.

Irish Army Ranger Wing

There can be many interpretations of the name of the Irish Army Ranger Wing. The unit’s name is Sciathán Fiannóglaigh which roughly translates to Army Ranger Wing, where the word Fiann means Warrior. It gives the nod to the Irish mythology warriors, the Na Fianna. This group was established back in the 80s as a response to local terrorist activities in Ireland.


If you have not heard about the Indian MARCOS, do not worry – you are not alone! Operating as a highly secretive unit, there is almost no information available about this elite force. All they know is that they are one of the most dangerous and efficient special forces in the world. Though they can operate in almost any terrain, they are very proficient in amphibious warfare.