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These Poorly Aging Celebrities Look Nothing Like Their Former Selves

by jvcc

All good things must come to an end…including the looks of our favorite Hollywood stars. The limelight that once proudly shown down upon these celebs was strong, focused, and certainly bright. Decades later, that same limelight is showing just how poorly these celebrities are aging. Don’t get us wrong, we still love them, it’s just that their decisions to “let themselves go” or to modify their faces is almost too much to handle. In all honesty, it almost hurts looking at them. Nonetheless, the focus on these poorly aging celebrities is simply just life now. There is nothing that we or they can do to turn back time, although we kind of wish we could.

Val Kilmer Then

Val Kilmer’s start in the entertainment industry began on the stage, quickly moving onto the big screen starring opposite Michelle Pfeiffer in ABC Afterschool Special, back in 1983. Not long after, Kilmer would go on to star opposite Tom Cruise in Top Gun to establish himself as a hot commodity. His fame only continued when he went on to play Jim Morrison of The Doors. However, it would be for his role in Heat, starring alongside legendary actors Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, that Kilmer would leave a lasting impression of himself in Hollywood.

Val Kilmer Now

We wish Val Kilmer had better luck in his older years. For a long while, Kilmer was absent from the screen, gaining weight and suffering personal and public appearances with a two-year battle with throat cancer. He received a tracheotomy in 2015, limiting his voice to a quiet rasp and consistent shortness of breath. Nonetheless, we’re happy to hear he’s coming back for the Top Gun sequel due in 2021. 

Sally Struthers Then

Sally Struthers played the sassy Gloria Stivic in All in the Family perfectly. She became yet another one of America’s “sweethearts.” Interestingly, Struthers replaced Candice Azarra who originally played Archie and Edith Bunker’s daughter in the pilot. 

Sally Struthers Now

Struthers’ girlish looks have not followed her into old age. Although she has been an advocate for ChildFund (formally Christian Children’s Fund), a charity helping children in third-world countries, she was satirized by Comedy Central’s South Park, twice. Struthers, disappointed by her on-screen (satirical) character, was depicted as a much-heavier version of herself, in which she ate all the food being donated to starving children…clearly mocking her involvement in ChildFund.

Mickey Rourke Then

All the way back in 1982, Mickey Rourke’s career began in a Diner. However, it would be his roles in Angel Heart and 9 1/2 Weeks, roughly five years later, that would establish Rourke as a household name. His skill and looks even made him an ’80s  heartthrob. Come 1991, Rourke quit the silver screen and became a boxer (a sport he enjoyed during childhood) – a career that would last a mere three years. 

Mickey Rourke Now

Upon retirement from the boxing ring, Rourke was left with some facial deformities that were “fixed” later on with plastic surgery. And yet, he returned to the big screen, playing “tough guys” with his new look. Eventually, his role in 2009’s The Wrestler would make Rourke a modern name once again. His performance earned him an Oscar nomination, Golden Globe, and a BAFTA. 

Kathleen Turner Then

Her smooth and sultry voice combined with her looks made Kathleen Turner an ’80s superwoman. Not only did she voice Jessica Rabbit in the memorable Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, she would also appear in Body HeatThe War of the Roses, and Peggy Sue Got Married. Her performances would lead to an Academy Award nomination and Golden Globe for Best Actress during the decade.

Kathleen Turner Now

Sadly, in the ’90s, Turner was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, a disease leaving the actress in unmentionable pain. The medication she was prescribed caused notable bloating and weight gain. On a positive note, the disease has gone into remission, allowing her to return to the screen. You may have caught her on CalifornicationNip/Tuck, and even Friends (from way back). 

Rupert Everett Then

With a look and reputation for playing the traditional “bad boy,” Rupert Everett would ironically win a BAFTA award for his role as Julian Mitchell in Another Country, where he portrayed an openly gay student in 1930s England, his first role. He briefly attempted a pop music career but quickly returned to acting. He would win a second BAFTA award, alongside a shiny Golden Globe award, for his performance in 1997’s My Best Friend’s Wedding. 

Rupert Everett Now

These days, Everett is an open advocate for several social and political causes, including the decriminalization of same-sex marriages. He was previously and famously featured during the 2000s and 2010s in the Chronicles of Narnia and Shrek franchises but no longer looks like his former boyish self. Off camera, Everett can be found writing, namely personal memoirs and screenplay. 

Lara Flynn Boyle Then

During the late ’80s and early ’90s, David Lynch’s Twin Peaks captured unordinary small town life following the puzzling murder of Laura Palmer. That said, Lara Flynn Boyle became the face of the franchise. She played Donna Howard, a close friend of Laura’s, who becomes keenly attached to solving the murder. 

Lara Flynn Boyle Now

Attempting to keep her looks staying young, Boyle sought plastic surgery. Sadly, the work made her look more like a piece of “work” than anything. Even one plastic surgery expert noted, “Her face looks like its melting. Now it’s deflated.” Still, given the opportunity to reprise her character in a 2017 revival, Boyle declined the offer. 

Mark Hamill Then

Mark Hamill will forever go down in history as Luke Skywalker from George Lucas’ Star Wars franchise. The role would lead to millions for the actor, but he was constantly typecast as “Luke Skywalker.” In other words, no other director wanted to use the face of Star Wars in their films. This wasn’t too much of a problem as Hamill would go on to become a major voice actor.

Mark Hamill Now

As his Hollywood career largely turned into one of voice acting, his face was no longer as visible as it had once been. Simply put, many people did not necessarily forget the legendary actor, he just wasn’t as sought after. Thankfully, Hamill returned to the big screen… albeit once again as Luke Skywalker. This time, his scars from his car crash decades ago were visible. All of that being said, we still love him dearly.

Igor and Grichka Bogdanov Then

Igor and Grichka Bogdanov are French identical twins. Back in the ’70s, they were professionally known as scientific television hosts but it was their social life that eventually preceded their reputation. Plus, viewers thought they were good-looking.

Igor and Grichka Bogdanov Now

By the ’90s, both brothers found an obscure interest in plastic surgery and began having surgeries together to maintain their similar appearance. For whatever reason, they did not stop. It’s said both brothers have have several cheek and chin implants, along with the usual filler and Botox procedures.