For some, the Citroën AMI is simply a low-budget electric quadricycle with small dimensions designed to rival an electric blanket, but for enthusiasts, it is an impeccable mobility solution. It gets a lot of stick for being more of a quadricycle that sidesteps one too many regulations to be classified as a matured vehicle. One look at the exterior, and you’d think it has barely enough room for your feet, better yet, any baggage, and with its top speed of 28mph, it is the last thing a cop might want to show up with.However, this two-passenger electric vehicle that French carmaker Citroën offers is arguably the world’s cutest police car. The company lent six vehicles, two of them Ami quadricycles, to the small and beautiful Greek island of Chalki.

Let’s find out why the Citroën Ami is a mobility solution and why it is the perfect addition to the pretty Greek island.


The World’s Cutest Police Car: Meet The Tiny Police Vehicle In An Island Keen On Green Economy

The Citroën Ami was developed in France as a quadricycle created to boost the mobility of young drivers unqualified for a full driver’s license. Really, how much damage could you do with a little plastic car that runs on a 5.5 kWh battery and a top speed of 28 mph? Regardless of the critics and limitations, the Ami is on sale across the European continent.

It appeals to people in inner cities who require personal transportation but don’t want much range or speed. According to Citroën, the “My Ami Buggy Concept” is designed for adventure and dedicated to leisure, and we couldn’t agree more.

Speaking about the philosophy and inspiration behind the vehicle, Citroën said, “My Ami Buggy is a proposition in line with the philosophy of Ami Electric, which is not a car. We have therefore looked for inspiration in the world of construction games for the fun and functional side, industrial design for ergonomics and aesthetics, encompassing everyday objects (furniture, lighting, etc.), and fashion accessories (sneakers, sports equipment, glasses, etc.)”

Here’s How The World’s Cutest Police Car Came To Be On A Tiny Greek Island

The Citroën Ami is among the six fully electric vehicles given to the Chalki authorities as part of a series of plans to turn the beautiful island into a green economy. Citroën, the Greek Government, Vinci, and Akuo Greece already signed a Memorandum of Understanding to this effect. One of the Ami’s is a cute addition to the police force down there, while another serves the island’s coast guard.

Citroën also supplied two e-C4s, an e-Dispatch van for the Energy Community of Chalki, and a cool e-Spacetourer minibus for the Municipality of Chalki. Journeying from one part of the Greek island of Chalki to another side will cover roughly six miles.

The Ami appears to be the ideal addition for a fairly isolated community of 500 inhabitants – a place that’s unlikely a hotbed of criminal activity. So we don’t expect the Citroën Ami with its 28 mph cap will be involved in any grueling high-speed pursuits any time soon.


The World’s Cutest Police Car: The Ami Is Designed For Cheap Production And Affordable Ownership And Leasing

Like most cars of its size, the Ami is designed to be cheap to make so that leasing, buying, or even hiring will be an alternative to other public transport. For instance, in France where it’s produced, it costs a little over $6,556 after a government grant to own a Citroën Ami.

Leasing one of these two-passenger vehicles will cost about $26 every month, and hiring one costs 23p per minute. Some European countries allow anyone aged 14 or more to drive an Ami without needing a driver’s license.

The World’s Cutest Police Car: Cute And Tiny, But The Ami Has A Surprising Amount Of Room Inside

From the outside, the Ami looks like it wouldn’t fit the tires of a Ford Truck, let alone two adult human beings, but it has a surprising amount of room within it. Thanks to the vehicle’s fairly tall roof and its square proportions, it can fit two adult occupants. The interior does feel basic, and the hard plastic and seats that look like taxi or bus seats don’t add to an exotic look.

You’d take some comfort from the fact that everything inside is neatly designed for comfort and leisure, making the car fun to drive. There’s also room for carry-on or shopping luggage thanks to extra space and large cubbies that makes up for the absence of a proper boot. By design, the Citroën Ami isn’t built for long trips, only for short and quick drives across towns and inner cities.

The vehicle gets power from a 7.8 hp electric motor supplied by a 5 kWh battery. Drivers can charge them using a domestic plug and charging takes around 3 hours. A single three-hour charge allows a range of up to 46 miles. While the world’s cutest police car isn’t a worthy rival to a car like the Dacia Sandero, it can be an appealing solution for shorter commutes or hires.