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You Won’t Believe These ’80s Fitness Stars’ Intense Physical Transformations

by jvcc

Remember in the 1980s where everyone couldn’t get enough of celebrity workout tapes and legwarmers? If you weren’t a part of a spin or aerobics class, you were spending your free time wrong. Remember icons like John Travolta, Jane Fonda, and Richard Simmons? Here’s what they’ve been up to lately…

John Travolta – Then

Following his rise to fame from the 1970’s hit film, “Grease,” John Travolta picked up a slew of films, one of them being the cheesy romance, “Perfect.” The infamous workout routine scene with Jamie Lee Curtis has gone down in infamy as one of the most cringey sequences of all time – even his dreamy smile and slick hair can’t distract the audience from all that embarrassment.

John Travolta – Now

Though he’s not as into fitness as he once was, he’s still a timeless actor. His incredible performances in later films like “Pulp Fiction,” “Hairspray,” and “Swordfish” got him Academy Award nominations and even won him a Golden Globe. He’s also hosted various award shows in recent years – who could forget that infamous mispronunciation of Idina Menzel’s name?

Raquel Welch – Then

Welch’s career was launched into fame when she published her debut book, “Raquel: The Raquel Welch Total Beauty and Fitness Program.” It combined aerobics, yoga, and lifestyle tips. She also starred in the 1960s film “Fantastic Voyage,” which earned her a contract with 20th Century Fox. She had an enviable body that made the front of all the movie’s posters.

Raquel Welch – Now

Raquel Welch was a pioneer in strong leading female film roles. She wanted to break the “damsel in distress” mold, and she did. Her appearance in “The Three Musketeers” was so profound that she won a Golden Globe. Playboy ranked her as the third of 100 “Hottest Stars of the Twentieth Century.”

Tonya Harding – Then

Harding was born into a blue-collar family that struggled to put her through the athletic training she desperately wanted. Still, they pushed her to be her best, and she eventually became an Olympic figure skater. However, a scandal in the 1990s has left a stain on her reputation ever since.

Tonya Harding – Now

A month before the 1994 Winter Olympics, skater Nancy Kerrigan was beaten in the knee, and the assault forced her to withdraw from the competition. Rumors quickly surfaced that Harding was the one who’d injured Kerrigan, and she was convicted. Though she denied the claims, she fell in a downward spiral thanks to the unwanted fame. She lives a relatively quiet life now.

Nancy Kerrigan – Then

The Kerrigan family dealt with financial struggles for most of Nancy’s life, but her father did anything he could to see to it that she could live out her passion for figure skating. He worked three jobs to fund all her expenses. In 1987, Nancy placed fourth at the junior levels at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships.

Nancy Kerrigan – Now

After the 1994 scandal with Tonya Harding, Kerrigan went to compete in the Norwegian Olympic Games. She also made an appearance on “Dancing With The Stars” for the Season 24 lineup. The film “I, Tonya,” details the issues she and Harding faced as competitors in the 90s.

Chris Evert Lloyd – Then

Evert picked up a racket at age five and hasn’t looked back since. Her father was a professional coach and winner of the singles Canadian Championship in 1947. She made her debut in the 1971 grand slam circuit at the age of 16. She was instantly the WTA’s prodigy, and her record of seven French Open Single wins was unbroken for 27 years.

Chris Evert-Lloyd – Now

She’d reached her professional peak in the 1980s, and retired in 1989. She had 154 singles titles, 18 Grand Slam singles, and 32 doubles titles under her belt, so she was ready to hang up her racket, to say the least. She was married three times in her life, all to fellow athletes. She now speaks on panels and live commentary boards for Grand Slam tournaments.

Marianna Komlos – Then

Marianna Komlos got her start as a middleweight bodybuilder in 1993. She took first place in the British Columbian Championships, gaining the attention of “Flex” editor in chief Jerry Kindela, who called her “one of the most beautiful bodybuilders [he’d] ever seen.”

Marianna Komlos – Now

Sadly, despite her fame, Komlos passed away from a long battle with cancer at the age of only 35. She married former MMA fighter and stunt double Paul Lazenby. Despite her short career, she is remembered as one of the most beautiful women to grace the stage of professional wrestling and bodybuilding.

Richard Simmons – Then

Simmons was best known as the caricature of an exercise coach back in the 80s. He wore extravagant outfits and detailed his own personal weight loss journey for fans to watch. He’s become a recognizable icon even today.

Richard Simmons – Now

Simmons hasn’t been seen in the spotlight lately. His Slimmons Studio in Beverly Hills is thriving, and so is his acting career. He’s been featured in several Geico commercials and other TV endoresements in recent years. He’s just not a fan of being in the public eye during his daily life.

Jamie Lee Curtis – Then

Curtis starred alongside John Travolta in the ’85 film “Perfect,” based on the hype about LA health clubs. That iconically cringe-worthy workout scene that seems to go on for twenty minutes has gone down in infamy. Though she’d starred in John Carpenter’s “Halloween” before this, she landed other important roles following her time with “Perfect.”

Jamie Lee Curtis – Now

Curtis has stayed primarily to horror roles, and has become Hollywood’s most well-known “scream queen.” She’s featured in nearly every film in the “Halloween” franchise, and has also made appearances in “The Fog,” “Prom Night,” “Terror Train,” and “Roadgames.” Lately, she’s been behind the scenes, writing children’s books and doing charity work for children’s hospitals.